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French Champagne – All You Want to Know

French Champagne, All you want to know. French Champagne is the most famous wine in France, and the most imitated. Champagne gets its name from the Champagne region of France where it is produced. Champagne existed before Don Perignon to whom its invention is attributed in the 16th century. At that time, it was believed that its sparkle was a defect. Don Perignon decided to keep its sparkling quality and enhance it further. This method is called Methode Champenoise.

Champagne is made with black Pinot grapes (75% Pinot, 25% Chardonnay.) The Pinot grapevines cover the largest part of the vineyards of Champagne. Only Champagne called Blanc de Blancs is made from white grapes. Chardonnay grows, in Champagne, exclusively on the ‘Cote de Blancs,’ south of Epernay.
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