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Why I Had to Write This Novel:


A Page From Grandfather's manuscript

I flew to my native France in 1980 to visit my maternal grandmother as she was nearing the end of her life. As I was ready to leave to return to America, she handed me a voluminous folder. It contained over four hundred typewritten pages, yellowed with age, many torn and covered with corrections and strike-outs in ink. She said, “This is an unfinished novel that Pépère began writing in 1943 while he was idled by the war. Many pages are missing. I would like for you to finish it and get it published.”

I glanced at the title with surprise: “From Sarah to Esther—The Great Jewish Heroines of the Old Testament.” I never knew my grandmother or her husband, Georges Falcoz-Vigne, to be religious. I did know he was a scholar with an avid interest in ancient history, but his choice of subject for his novel was not characteristic of him. She explained that he had visited synagogues and museums and had met members of the Jewish community in Paris, thereby attracting the suspicion and wrath of the SS who, in 1943, were focused on eliminating the Jewish race. Afraid for her safety, my grandfather decided to leave France clandestinely. With help from the French Resistance, he went to the Middle East for a few months to complete his research.

Pépère’s manuscript lay in a drawer in my home for years as life, work and family took precedence. I finally got around to reading his work a couple of years ago and I was spellbound. It was beautifully written in French, and I was transported back thirty-five hundred years into the world of Abraham and Sarah. I simply couldn’t allow this incredible amount of work and beautiful prose to be lost forever. I also realized that in the sixty-five years since my grandfather had written his manuscript, many discoveries had been made, many books written and many movies filmed on the subject of Abraham and his clan. His manuscript would not be as relevant today.

So I decided to write my own novel, loosely based on my grandfather’s own experience. Some sixty-three years later, on another continent and in another language, my grandfather’s work is now published as he co-authors parts of this book. I have translated more than twenty pages of his manuscript from the French and incorporated them into In Pursuit of Abraham. As you follow the lives and love of Abraham and Sarah, you are reading the words written long ago by Georges Falcoz-Vigne. He was only my grandfather by marriage, but I loved him dearly. Somewhere, Pépère must be smiling, happy to get some recognition, and perhaps a little sorry that his own experience as he visited the Middle East wasn’t quite as exciting as the experiences of the protagonist in this novel.

Pépère, this book is for you.

Ecole Normale de Loches

My grandfather, Georges Falcoz-Vigne (1888-1979) was Director of the Ecole Normale in Loches, France. This was an institute of higher learning.

Here is a short sypnosis of my novel In Pursuit of Abraham:

History, espionage, betrayal, danger and a forbidden love–Georges Moncel will encounter them all in his quest to follow the footsteps of Abraham.

Occupied Paris, 1943: Georges Moncel, a handsome and distinguished university president, is writing a novel that has incited the suspicion and wrath of the SS. He escapes France with the help of the French Resistance and travels to the Middle East in order to retrace the path taken by Abraham 3800 years before so he can complete his manuscript. His adventures will transport the reader from the abject misery of occupied France in World War II to exotic Egypt and its archeological wonders and to the world of Abraham and Sarah three millennia earlier. In Egypt, Georges will make a remarkable biblical discovery, and he will encounter danger, betrayal and a controversial love.

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“In writing In Pursuit of Abraham, Francine Fuqua has seamlessly blended ancient and more recent contemporary historical fictive tale of suspense, intrigue and romance. The characters and situation in this story evoke every human emotion, and all the reader can do is hang on for the ride.”

Harvey Stanbrough
Author, Editor, Writing Instructor, Nominated, 2006 National Book Award
“From war-torn France during World War II’s brutal Nazi occupation to the chaotic excitement of the Middle East during the same period, Fuqua takes us back to the biblical Abraham’s time and the history that ties both her contemporary and ancient characters together. Filled with fast-paced action and stunning description, In Pursuit of Abraham is a magnificent read to be enjoyed again and again.”

Ellen Phillips
“Consumer Watch” columnist, Chattanooga Times Free Press and author of two books
“I was held by this fascinating story of adventure, intrigue and romance in the exotic setting of the Middle East during one of the most dangerous periods of history, the Nazi conquest of Europe.”

Renee Ford
Ph.D. – Professional editor
“Full of history, deceit, love and heartbreak, In Pursuit of Abraham is a gorgeous showcase of thrilling adventure and emotional voyage—a beautiful and engaging read.”

Sandra A. Boehnlein
“This is a spirited book in the vein of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, replete with archeological explorations in the Holy Land in pursuit of information on the Jewish heroines of the Old Testament and with background events in WWII France, with its many-tentacled German occupiers. Francine Fuqua leaves the reader looking forward to a film based on this work.”

Dr. Paul Barrette
Professor emeritus, University of Tennessee

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