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Posted by on May 12, 2011

Help me with my sequel to In Pursuit of Abraham. As soon as you have read the novel, please start thinking about what you would like to happen in the follow-up book.  Does Georges return to his wife, does he go back to Egypt and marry Alaja, are the Germans still chasing him?  Does he make another important Bible discovery?  And what title would you like for the sequel?

Please send me your ideas.  The five best ideas will get a free authographed copy of my next book, and you will be listed in the acknowledgments.

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  1. Ellen Elam

    Hi Francine—I enjoyed reading your book!! You know how to tell a great story.
    My idea for a possible storyline for your next book—Georges returns to Cairo to find that Alaja has returned to the university and has met and fallen in love with another student. Georges is heartbroken but decides to launch another research project on another heroine of the Bible. He enlists Ismail again (whose secretive life comes more to light now) and hires a new translator for the trip. However, The cave where he found the painting has never left his mind, so Georges wants to return there to see if he can find more paintings or artifacts. He feels like he owes Jean Breton the opportunity of a major discovery to help Jean’s widow.. When he arrives at the cave, another archeological team is excavating nearby (maybe they can be from Germany to add to intrigue and intensity). Maybe have one of the archeologists be an intelligent yet attractive woman (who is bitter that her work was hindered by Hitler) who initially has conflicts with Georges, but then they find common ground to make some amazing archeological discoveries together. Maybe it could turn romantic, which begs the question—Would Georges ever fall in love with a former “enemy”?? Or would the past animosity between their two countries be too big a hurdle to overcome too soon after the war??
    Anyway, best of luck on your next book!!

    • Francine Fuqua

      Wow, Ellen, lots of food for thought. Thank you so much. I will certainly consider some of your ideas which are excellent. Do you know something from the Bible that would make an excellent site from my protagonist to research? Someone suggested the Garden of Eden, there is already a book written about that. I am thinking about Noah’s Ark, I know they are still trying to find it. I am so glad that you enjoyed my book. Please leave a review with; that would help a lot.

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