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Looking for Families of World War I Soldiers

I am looking for Families of World War I Soldiers. My family in France recently wrote to tell me that they have made an exciting discovery while renovating the old family homestead. They discovered some graffiti left on the walls by American G.I.s almost one hundreds ago. Can you help? Continue reading »

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WWII France – Facts Americans May Not Know

World War II France and What Americans may Not Know. Many Americans are unaware of France’s circumstances as it entered the Second World War. I hope this article will make the reader look at France in a difference light and more compassion. Many are unaware of the vast difference in World War 2 France and &hellip Continue reading »

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Meacham Writers Conference

I participated in the Meacham Writers Conference  that was held at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga Campus on March 26th 2011.  It was a most informative day shared with many writers and authors.  First there was a seminar opened to all, followed by a group workshop with my fellow members of the Chattanooga Writers Guild, and a &hellip Continue reading »

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Where does my Theme come from?

“J’ai deux amours” (I have two loves) is a song made famous by a black songstress, Josephine Baker in the 1930’s.  Blacks had a very difficult time  making a career in the U.S. in those days, so Josephine Baker went to France.  She took Paris by storm singing and dancing clad only in a short &hellip Continue reading »

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About my parents.

The year I was born, 1938, was a year of sheer happiness for my parents.  My father, 21 yrs old Hubert Claude Dumas was a handsome aviator in the French Air Force.  He was full of life and very happy to become a father.  My mother was a college graduate,  who also embraced motherhood.  They had an &hellip Continue reading »

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About “In Pursuit of Abraham”

Perhaps I was born to be a writer.  My maiden name was Francine Dumas.  Unfortunately no relation to the famous Alexander.  Let me tell you a little bit about my novel “In Pursuit of Abraham”.  History, espionage, religion, controversial love and danger… this book has it all. It is loosely based on my grandfather’s own &hellip Continue reading »

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Can you believe it?

This is a picture taken my first summer in America, with my two sons.  Steve is a year and a half, Eric six months old.  There is a funny story about this picture.  When I first entered the beach in Savannah, I was clad in the latest fashion crave in France, a two piece bikini, made &hellip Continue reading »

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Help me please …

Help me with my sequel to In Pursuit of Abraham. As soon as you have read the novel, please start thinking about what you would like to happen in the follow-up book.  Does Georges return to his wife, does he go back to Egypt and marry Alaja, are the Germans still chasing him?  Does he &hellip Continue reading »

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Going to a Ball

Going to a Ball (Click Image to Enlarge) Oil painting, and that lady is definitely ready for a ball…Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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