My Life

Growing up in France, my coming to America, and lots of years since

About my parents.

The year I was born, 1938, was a year of sheer happiness for my parents.  My father, 21 yrs old Hubert Claude Dumas was a handsome aviator in the French Air Force.  He was full of life and very happy to become a father.  My mother was a college graduate,  who also embraced motherhood.  They had an &hellip Continue reading »

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Can you believe it?

This is a picture taken my first summer in America, with my two sons.  Steve is a year and a half, Eric six months old.  There is a funny story about this picture.  When I first entered the beach in Savannah, I was clad in the latest fashion crave in France, a two piece bikini, made &hellip Continue reading »

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