In Pursuit of Abraham

In Pursuit of Abraham is a novel I have published. Here you will find all posts related to my novel.

In Pursuit of Abraham the Sequel – First Chapter

In Pursuit of Abraham the Sequel A novel by Francine Fuqua Chapter One: Paris, France August 1947 Georges Moncel smiled as he handed the book he had just autographed to a large woman with wiry red hair. “I hope your daughter will enjoy the book, Madame, and thank you very much for your interest.” He &hellip Continue reading »

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In Pursuit of Abraham – First Chapter

When bombardments force Dr. Georges Moncel from his position as distinguished university president in France, he begins to research and write a historical novel – one that ultimately incites the suspicion and wrath of the SS. In 1943, against the adamant wishes of his wife Suzanne, Moncel escapes France with the help of the French Resistance and travels to the Middle East.

In order to complete his manuscript, Moncel plans to retrace the path taken by Abraham almost 4,000 years ago. His journey takes him from the abject misery of occupied France in World War II to exotic Egypt and it’s archaeological wonders to the world of Abraham and Sarah three millennia earlier.

While trying to pacify Suzanne back in France and come to terms with the arrests of his friends and colleagues by the Nazis, Moncel encounters espionage, danger, betrayal, and a controversial love. But it may all be worthwhile when he makes a remarkable biblical discovery.
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About “In Pursuit of Abraham”

Perhaps I was born to be a writer.  My maiden name was Francine Dumas.  Unfortunately no relation to the famous Alexander.  Let me tell you a little bit about my novel “In Pursuit of Abraham”.  History, espionage, religion, controversial love and danger… this book has it all. It is loosely based on my grandfather’s own &hellip Continue reading »

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Help me please …

Help me with my sequel to In Pursuit of Abraham. As soon as you have read the novel, please start thinking about what you would like to happen in the follow-up book.  Does Georges return to his wife, does he go back to Egypt and marry Alaja, are the Germans still chasing him?  Does he &hellip Continue reading »

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