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Posted by on May 12, 2011

Perhaps I was born to be a writer.  My maiden name was Francine Dumas.  Unfortunately no relation to the famous Alexander.  Let me tell you a little bit about my novel “In Pursuit of Abraham”.  History, espionage, religion, controversial love and danger… this book has it all. It is loosely based on my grandfather’s own experience. He actually co-authored part of this work with me ( 10 pages of my novel were written by him 65 years ago, in French, and I have translated them into English and incorporated in my novel).

Occupied Paris, 1943.Georges Moncel, a handsome and distinguished university president is idled by bombardments and takes the opportunity to write  a novel.  His choice of  subject incites the suspicion and wrath of the SS, so, with the help of the French Resistance, he escapes thru the Alps to the Middle East so as to gather information for his book.  There he follows the path taken by Abraham 3500 years before.  His adventures will transport you to exotic Egypt and its archaelogical wonders, and to the world of the Patriarchs three millennia before.  In Egypt, Georges makes an astonishing biblical discovery and he will experience danger, betrayal and an unforgettable controversial love.

Please go to my “In Pursuit of Abraham” Page, and you will see how and why I wrote this book, and view some of the praises my novel has received.  I hope you will read “In Pursuit of Abraham” and will let me know how you feel about it.  It is very historical and I have put a lot of research into it.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!  Hurry with your comments, I am starting to work on the sequel.

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  1. Peter Dowding

    I notice you have a photograph of the Ecole Normale at Loches. I am researching the life of my Uncle- and Australian who loved France- who was a teacher there in 1939 and whose graffiti is on one of the window sills. He was executed by the Germans in 1943 when he was 27 as a result of his work on a section of the Resistance known as “the Pat line” along with a number of other brave Frenchmen.
    I have a number of his letters describing life at the Ecole and in Loches and surrounding areas.
    May I ask if you have some knowledge of the Ecole at about 1939?
    The Director at the time and his wife were very kind to my Uncle known as Bruce Dowding.

    • Francine Fuqua

      Thank you so much for your note, Mr. Dowding. My grandfather Georges-Falcoz-Vigne directed the school for many years until it was closed down in 1943 after bombardments. He returned there after the war. He probably knew your uncle. Unfortunately I have never been to Loches and was only five years old in 1943, so I cannot be of much help. I could send you a photo of my grandfather, if you like. If you read the preface to my novel “In Pursuit of Abraham” you know that this novel is based on my grandfather’s adventures in the Middle East and his escape from France with the help of the resistance. My book is fiction, but everything I have written up to the time the protagonist arrives in Cairo is pretty much what really happed to my grandfather. You might wish to download it from Amazon.com. It can also be ordered as paperback from Barnes and Noble. IThank you so much for your interest., Francine

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