Francine FuquaI do, indeed, have two loves. France, the country of my birth, and America, my home for many years. Both countries have contributed to make me the person I am today. I grew up in the midst of World War II, and I learned to survive through struggle and hardship. (More about that when you visit my biography page.) In France, I grew up appreciating the arts, the advantage of a solid education, the love of history and gourmet cooking. In America, I learned to appreciate freedom, wide open spaces, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the fact that in America anything is possible if you put your heart into it. This turned out to be perfect for me, since I am a Gemini. I have been able to adapt to a career in accounting while at the same time enjoying my artistic penchant for painting, writing, fiber arts and languages. I am enjoying a full and happy life in this great country of which I am now a citizen … but I still love going “home” to France. The only drawback in having two loves is  that when in France, I miss America, and when in America, I miss France.

Why this blog? I must admit that I am a little technically challenged, especially in social media, and this is definitely a new experience for me. Thanks to my son , Eric, who has designed my Website, I am testing the waters. You see, I have written a novel. I had no choice. See why on my “In Pursuit of Abraham” page.  Anyway, I have been told by my publisher that social media is crucial in  successful marketing. So Facebook, Twitter, and all the others, here I come, ready or not.

Through this blog, I intend to share many things that I believe will interest you, including special French home-cooking recipes, my adventures when I arrived in America, my experiences in growing up under German occupation, my tribulations as I learned to fly, and of course, all about my novel. Please join me often on this page, share your comments, and help me  navigate this new experience of blogging.

Thank you for visiting my page.